Current Scholarship Recipient

Jonathan Sherwood

Below is me (aka Mommy) imagining what Jonathan would describe his life as….

My name is Jonathan and my Mommy told me that you wanted to read about my story.  Wow, thanks for even asking.  I am almost 9 years old.  I’m a lovable affectionate little boy and Mommy and Daddy refer to me as “cuddle-bug”.  My Mommy calls me her hero, especially when it’s school time at Baker Elementary School where I’m enrolled in 1st grade in an Autism Classroom.  My Daddy tells me he loves me on a daily basis before he goes to work as a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Division.  He does the whole CSI thing!  And, I’m the proud big brother of my little “sissy” Jennifer.  She’s almost 1 Year Old. 

Although, I tried, I never seemed to reach my milestones when I was little and when my parents brought this to my pediatrician’s attention, they were always told “No worries, boys always develop slower, he’ll catch up”.  At the time, I was their one and only child so they didn’t really have a reference for comparison!  I’ve been working really hard with different therapies (ST,OT) since I could remember at CHOA.  At the age of 2 years, 4 mos, my therapists suggested to my Mommy that we see a Developmental Pediatrician b/c I didn’t seem to be progressing.  This is where I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS.  I was later discharged from CHOA due to lack of progress.  My Mommy worked real hard by making many calls to our HMO insurance people.  She’s real persistent especially when it comes to my sissy and me.  And, it’s a good thing b/c she was able to get permission for me to receive therapy for a PPO in-network provider.  That was temporary until we changed to PPO and were later approved for KB Deeming Waiver.  Insurance, yuck! I currently receive different therapies including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and ABA Therapy.  I’m a busy little guy!

My current diagnosis is Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as I am considered to be non-verbal.  I am not mute by any means.  I can vocalize and definitely get my point across.  I tend to display the typical finger and hand movements as well as limited eye contact with my Dx.  I can use some signs, some gestures and I have use of an Augmentative Communication Device.  This is where ABA is been very helpful in my daily regiment.  I thrive with this learning technique.  I have a wonderful team of private therapists and it’s been very helpful having the therapy in my home.  It’s helping my Mommy and Daddy in the natural learning environment.

Now, here’s my Mommy…. We, and eventually his little “sissy”, will do anything and everything to help Jonathan in his journey.  He continues to amaze us especially when challenged.  What may seem like a small gain for a typical child is a significant accomplishment for Jonathan.  We continue to learn through this journey and be introduced to wonderful organizations such as yours!  We thank you so very much for our $2500 grant.  It will be put to very good use. 

The Sherwoods



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