Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation?

Founded in 2007 by Occupational Therapists Brett and Nell DeVore, Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation provides scholarships to Georgia Families who can’t afford therapeutic services and equipment for their children with special needs. Guided by the need to shape better lives for these children, The Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation believes that all children deserve the opportunity to grow into healthy, productive adults. Through partnerships and support from corporate and private donors, grants and charitable events, quarterly scholarships are awarded based on therapeutic and financial needs of each family.

What is the Vision of Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation?

Children with special needs, regardless of income level and abilities, have equal access to critical therapies needed to make their lives better.

Where does Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation Operate?

Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

What are the Principal Services Provided by Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation?

Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation provides scholarships to families who otherwise could not afford therapeutic services and equipment for their children with special needs. Scholarships are awarded based on the therapeutic and financial needs of the family. In addition to providing scholarship assistance, Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation also promotes public education about disabilities by participating in community-focused events.

What are the Statistics on Children With Special Needs in Georgia?

Over 300,000 children across the state of Georgia have special needs. Many of these children require intervention to help them develop basic functional life skills like learning to walk, communicate, eat and perceive the world around them.

What is the Cost of Therapy for Children with Special Needs?

An average daily therapy session costs between $100-$350 per hour.

What is the Cost of Specialized Equipment for Children with Special Needs?

The cost of a pediatric wheelchair ranges from $1,500-$3,000. A communication device for children who are non-verbal costs between $1,600-$8,400. Walkers designed for children with special needs cost from $200-$1800. A bath chair for children costs between $200-$1500.



Donate Today!

Donate online with our secure Click and Pledge service. We accept major credit cards and checks. To pay by check, go through the same online process to receive an invoice via email with instructions on where to mail your donation. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible.



Application Deadline

The application from 2015 which is now up on the web site will still be used for 2017. We have been fortunate to have helped many families over the past twelve months. Some of the recipients have been families who have applied a second and third time. All applications must be submitted by June 30th, 2017(you can use this application even though the dates are for March 2015). 



Race to Rally Hope

Mark your calendars for the next Race to Rally Hope, which is moving to a springtime date so it is warm and light!  The 7th annual Race to Rally Hope will be held on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 in downtown Alpharetta.  The event will include a Kid's Fun Run and Peachtree Road Race qualifying 5K route.  Stick around after the race to enjoy a Block party, complete with Food Trucks, a DJ, beverage tents, Kid's activities and more!  We look forward to seeing you all then!